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11 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Will Love

Whether you’re working with a whole Party Planning Committee, or it’s just little old you, putting together a corporate holiday party is no easy task. Keep reading for ideas on themes, activities, food, and more. Any one of these ideas will instantly elevate your holiday party, or feel free to choose a few of your favorites!

1. “Kara-offkey”

Transform your corporate holiday party into the good old days when MTV actually played music videos. Look up the top hits from the decade and prepare everyone’s ears for unique renditions of “Livin’ la Vida Loca.”

2. Game time

Snag some retro games on eBay or raid your parents’ closet for classics like Grape Escape, Gator Golf, Mr. Bucket, Jumanji, and Jumpin’ Monkeys. Set up a lounge area at the event space where people can play a few rounds while they take a breather from the dance floor.

11 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Will Love 1

3. Food + Drink: 90’s Eats

We’ll help you book a food truck that can whip up 90s-inspired food. Attendees can create their own Lunchables-style mini pizzas, or wistfully snack on Cheez Balls, P.B. Crisps, and Dunkaroos. Don’t forget to send party guests home adorned with oversized Ring Pops.

4. Attire: Throwback ‘fits

Luckily (or maybe not so much) the 90s are back in fashion, so employees might already have some of yesteryear’s gems lying around. Encourage attendees to show up in overalls with one strap undone, bleached tips, chain wallets, neon windbreakers, grunge ripped jeans, Hypercolor tees, and anything else that screams the 90s.

5. Who has #88302?

Give everyone a raffle ticket as they enter, then a few times during the evening, halt activities to announce winners. Stock the prize box with items like gift cards, Apple TVs, and tickets to sporting events.

6. Up the ante

It’s easy to bet big when you’re playing with fun money. Set up slots, poker tables, and roulette for a fun and unique corporate holiday party activity. Yelling, “Mama needs a new pair of shoes!” and accusing your colleagues of being card sharks is mandatory.

7. You won’t believe your eyes (or ears)

A talented magician is always a corporate holiday party pleaser, especially if the Full House Martinis already have guests seeing double. Alternatively, you can hire a fortune teller to offer party goers a peek into the future.

8. Live music

There’s nothing like a blast from the horn section to keep the energy up at the craps table. Book a local band to make sure the whole night is up-tempo.

11 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Employees Will Love 2

9. Food + Drink: Casino Bites

With all eyes on the cards, you’ll want to make sure food is edible in small bites, and available on toothpicks, shish kabobs, or dippable with chips or veggies. Pack the buffet table with on-theme nibbles like Texas Hold ‘Em Hamburger Bites, Black Jack Cheese Dip, Full House Martinis, Roll The Dice Sushi Rolls, Poker Chips and Dip, Big Money Meatballs, and if you’re feeling really brave, Clams Casino. For a sweet treat, cut brownies into squares and decorate them with frosting to make them look like dice.

10. Attire: Glam

Ask attendees at your corporate holiday party to jazz it up. Guests can put together their best Queen of Hearts, Lady Luck, or fedora-wearing gangster ensembles for an extra hand of good luck.

11. No Grinches allowed

Get into the spirit of giving with an office-wide charity event. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or ask everyone to donate to a charity of their choice instead of gifts. Check out, a great tool that ranks charities in order of their effectiveness, and shows both where your money is going and the impact it will have.

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